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Md:Farhad Hossen
Jul 18, 2022
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Life becomes colorful and colorful because of color; at the same time, color is the most sensitive element in the visual sense, which can give People bring a strong visual impact; colors can stimulate people's various emotions and have a certain impact on physiological reactions. Therefore, it is of profound significance to study the role of packaging color matching in graphic design. 1. The significance of packaging design Packaging design needs to start with elements such as patterns, trademarks, materials, shapes, colors, etc., and follow some principles of product design while ensuring that the characteristics of the product remain unchanged. For example, beautify and protect the goods, so that the design elements complement each other and ensure the best effect of packaging design. From the perspective of commodity marketing, a good combination of commodity packaging patterns and colors can quickly highlight commodity characteristics, and personalized commodity packaging is the most effective means to increase commodity sales. 2. Analysis of the role of color matching in packaging design In graphic Raster to Vector Conversion design works, the three common elements are color, text, and image, of which color is the most important. When people appreciate a design work, the first contact is the color, then the design image, and finally the words. If packaging designers want to express the characteristics and design concepts of products through color, they first need to understand the relationship between color functions and color matching. Color matching involves many disciplines, including optics, aesthetics, psychology and folklore. The theory of the relationship between color and psychology is put forward in psychology: each color has a specific symbolic meaning, and the color transmits information to the brain through visual contact, resulting in immediate imagination. For example, red symbolizes fierceness, so people are excited when they see red; black symbolizes solemnity, and black gives people a sense of stability. Designers with rich work experience will use color skillfully and skillfully to evoke people's thinking associations, so as to achieve design goals. Color is a major factor in highlighting and beautifying merchandise.
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