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habibul islam
May 12, 2022
In Welcome to the Tech Forum
Boost your content marketing research-insights-drive-content-marketing editor's note: the 2019 version of the Thailand Phone Number List article is available here. Now in its seventh year, the content marketing institute/marketingprofs annual survey of content marketers has evolved with the times. In 2010, content marketing was little Thailand Phone Number List more than a buzzword. Most marketers who got into the approach were curious about what tactics (eg, blogging, webinars, events) their peers were using and how well those tactics were working. Of course, we're still interested in tactics… but there's so much more to consider now. Content marketing has become a Thailand Phone Number List complex business discipline made up of many distinct areas – content creation, strategy, distribution, paid promotion, and measurement, to name a few. Managers need to determine the best ways to Thailand Phone Number List organize content marketing across the company, the budget they need, and the mix of roles needed to get there. There is always something new to learn. Here are five key insights based on responses from 1,102 b2b marketers in north america – representing a wide range of industries, company sizes and content marketing maturity levels. As reported in b2b content marketing 2017 benchmarks. , budgets, and trends - north america. 1. What drives success sixty-two percent of b2b marketers say their Thailand Phone Number List organization's overall approach to content marketing is much more or somewhat more successful than it was a year ago. What drives success when asked about the factors contributing to Thailand Phone Number List this success, two seem to be the most influential: more effective content creation and content marketing strategy development/adjustment.
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