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Nayeem Ahmed
Jul 16, 2022
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An Isobian young man named "Mo Shangbo" was helped by World Vision when he was nine years old. As he grew up, this love grew strong in his heart, and he joined World Vision a few years later. staff member. Watching the former aid recipients turn into aiders, continuing to pass on love and hope, and gaining self-worth and a sense of accomplishment from it, host Cai Shanghua couldn't help but sigh, "Associating refugees who live in poverty for a while will be transformed in the not-too-distant future. The power of substance, which in turn helps more people, is also a true cycle of positive goodness.” MicrosoftTeams-image_(5) Photo Credit: TNL Brand Studio Mo Shangbo once shared the situation at the event, "I received school supplies, and photo retouching World Vision also assisted me in registering for primary school. I will never forget the warm smiles and welcome from the teachers on my first day of school, Those are my most cherished memories." The night is long, how can we help people welcome the dawn? "What other ways can we help the helpless and helpless to return to their daily lives?" In addition to participating in or funding related activities, we can also make good use of modern and convenient Internet technology to "create" actions. For example, guest Liao Yunjie's experience in holding Taiwan Refugee Week, using more power, actually saw and heard the voices of refugees, and conveyed care and help through creative methods such as artistic creation and cross-sea cooperation. Most importantly, please bear in mind that you are willing to understand, tolerate and lend a helping hand to each other. This is the foundation of everything in the refugee survival law. Reach out now and help your child achieve their hope together! Hunger 30 Rescue Line: (02)8195-3005 Immediate rescue
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