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md mukter
Jun 25, 2022
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A truly memorable interactive social event. Just a thought. HAND-RELATED CONTENT: Live experiences are reinventing the way customers interact Jewelry Retouching with brands Want to know more about Jonathan Crossfield ? He speaks at Content Marketing World in September. Register before May 31 for discounts and the chance to win prizes. Use code BLOG100 to save an additional $100 This article originally appeared in the April issue of Jewelry Retouching Chief Content Officer. Ultimate Planning Checklist for Successful Webinars Posted: 2020-12-22 checklist-successful-webinars Webinars are an elevated form of content marketing because they can bring static content such as a case study or research report to life. An engaging webinar is like a well-produced radio show with pictures. It is a theatrical mini-event in five acts. Done right, a webinar can help shift your buyer's sales needle from "just looking" to "ready to buy now." In the latest CMI study, two-thirds of B2B marketers Jewelry Retouching used webinars and 66% found them effective. Two-thirds of B2B marketers have used webinars and 66% have found them effective via cmi content research Click To Tweet Jewelry Retouching As with any well-produced event, success starts with planning. For a demand generation webinar, it should take about six to eight weeks from when you say “let's go” to when you post the time. Now, on to this show and the five acts of a successful webinar. webinar lifecycle master graph Click to enlarge Prologue A webinar is not just Jewelry Retouching about technology. It's about aligning business drivers to desired outcomes while managing ever-changing planning, logistics, and human factors. The glue that holds it all together is a timeline-focused project management methodology, a set of best practices, and the use of email and webinar Jewelry Retouching metrics to benchmark performance across the webinar lifecycle. The objectives of each act and the checklist of tasks give you a solid basis for a successful methodology.
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