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Omar Faruk
Jul 06, 2022
In Welcome to the Tech Forum
It was the end of March, the end of the way we did business. At SEOmonitor, we were asked a lot of questions about how to adapt our mission to support SEO agencies to acquire, manage and retain more customers in the face of crisis situations. And we needed to act quickly. So we started with understanding. Below is a story about how some SEO agencies can survive the storm and what they can learn from them to show what the post-pandemic agency will look like. This includes customer research, experimentation, a lot of data aggregation, and role changes that stay ghost mannequin effect service here. Rethink Your Agency Business: Strategic ghost mannequin effect service Choices It was also at the end of March that we had a hard time finding the best solution together, so we decided to start a detailed conversation with the agency trying to deal with the variables we are facing and the known unknowns. did. Under the name Office Hours, a series of weekly live chats with the founders of SEO agencies unfolded to address difficult issues such as client retention, cash flow, layoffs, and sales during a crisis. How much of your MRR (Monthly Ordinary Income) has been affected? That was the question we started discussing. Gaining insight into the impact of COVID-19 on the industry meant preparing for what was to come. With over 100 responses, the data showed a significant percentage of business losses between March and early April. What will your SEO agency look like after a pandemic? Authorities expected an even more difficult impact. Still, as the past recession suggests, in Harvard Business Review terms, progressive companies that use the best combination of defense and offensive strategies are those that survive and thrive after the recession. It's not easy. Companies are the perfect combination of defensive moves, such as reducing operating costs without dismissing employees, and offensive moves, such as investing in existing and new businesses, to meet consumer needs. You need to balance. According to HBR research, companies can grow away from their competitors during and after the recession. So there was probably a good side to the situation. The idea for Agency 2.0 first appeared during certain business hours. In ghost mannequin effect service the turmoil,
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