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SA Ahad
Aug 03, 2022
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Since the 1760s, the British inventor Watt improved the steam engine, which opened the prelude to the industrial revolution for the world, and also drove the rapid increase of human productivity. However, with the vigorous economic development, it also created global warming and a lot of environmental pollution. According to data from the International Energy Agency (IEA), global carbon emissions have shown a trend of upward trend since 1990. By 2020, global carbon emissions will reach 31.5 billion popular database tons per year, an increase of 53.6% compared to 1990. Serious global warming and extreme climates have made the world aware of the seriousness of environmental damage. From the "Kyoto Protocol" in 1997, the "Paris Agreement" in 2015, to the COP26 climate summit in 2021, the world has continued to address climate change and climate change. Discussions on carbon reduction, carbon reduction and the development of new energy have also become the consensus of all major countries. In this context, this series of articles will analyze the current carbon reduction policies of various countries and the possible opportunities derived from them. The first article starts with the carbon reduction policies of the world and major economies, because we understand the carbon reduction policies of various countries. development process, and the actual focus of development direction, help to further identify potential opportunities in related industries. image1
A review of the carbon reduction policies of the world's top two economies content media
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