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sukanto Kuri
Jul 13, 2022
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Through the use of color, the packaging design structure and design ideas are more closely integrated. Packaging color is flat and symmetrical. It is a packaging method that exaggerates and changes based on people's daily associations and color habits. At the same time, packaging color is also affected by various factors such as materials, craftsmanship, and sales areas. Packaging design has high requirements for color, and good color matching has strong contrast, strong attractiveness and competitiveness, and can quickly arouse consumers' desire to buy and improve sales performance. For example, food packaging is mainly made of bright Image Manipulation Service and eye-catching colors, mostly warm colors, so as to highlight the freshness and nutrition of food; toys are usually colorful solid colors, which form a strong contrast with cool and warm colors, attracting children's attention; machinery , Equipment commonly used gray, black and other calm tones to express its durable and solid characteristics; medicine commonly used simple cool and warm tones; sports often use bright and bright tones to reflect sports enthusiasm and sports atmosphere. Different colors are matched to show the characteristics and characteristics of the products one by one. 3. Psychological guidance and design application of packaging color Different colors will give people different feelings in packaging design. Only by understanding the influence of color on psychology can we use color to design something that attracts consumers' attention. The coolness and warmth of color cannot be accurately measured, and it depends on the different psychological feelings of consumers about color. The lightness of the color affects the weight of the color, and the depth and lightness of the color will produce different feelings. The feelings brought by various colors are relative, and different designs require different color matching. For example, lively colors make people feel excited, warm, enthusiastic, and excited, while quiet colors make people feel cordial, peaceful, and stable. Color matching cannot be arbitrarily carried out in the packaging design, and the packaging color must be determined based on the characteristics of the product. Color is a label that distinguishes the different properties of commodities. Different colors represent different specifications, tastes, varieties, and fragrances of similar commodities. Some commodities will have fixed colors during their development.
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