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zarin taslima
Jul 18, 2022
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Taking history as a mirror, we can know the rise and fall. Events in the past can be used to guide the understanding of the developments of the present era, as well as to appreciate the value of mental labor or contemplation of material work, and even the future. According to the Finnish syllabus, the main tasks of history teaching in grades 7 to 9 are to "develop students' understanding of history and culture and encourage them to adopt principles of responsible citizenship", "to guide students to recognize the importance of individuals as participants in history" sexuality”, “understanding the factors behind activities and human motivation”, “supporting students to establish their own identity”, and “promoting their understanding of and active participation in the diversity of society” (FNBE, 2016: 446) . Based on this, in the fourth banner design to sixth grades, the task of history teaching is to familiarize students with historical knowledge, information acquisition, and the nature of basic concepts, with the purpose of arousing students' interest in the past and human activities, perceiving their importance, and further understanding them ; In grades 7-9, history teaching is tasked with deepening students' understanding of the nature of historical knowledge, supporting students in developing their own identities, and familiarizing them with the impact of culture on individuals and societies. Key Content Areas - Explore Issues Don't Forget to Return to Finland for Reflection Here is an example of teaching "World War I" in an eighth-grade classroom. According to the syllabus, there are six key content areas in history for grades 7-9, including: The origins and development of the industrial society, People changing the world, Creating, building and defending Creating, building, and defending Finland, The Great War era, Building the welfare state, and The origins of the world politics of today.
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